Einherjar and Valkyr

The lone fighters and the choosers of the slain walk the lands of men, doing the will of Asgard.


In the villages of man it has been recorded that a girl child may be born with a special mark upon her. As she grows she will she visions bright and terrible and hear ravens whispering secret truths. When she is grown she will leave her home and journey across Midgard until she finds her way to Bifrost and to the glories of Valhalla. Some of these maidens return to the world to do the biding of Father Odin.


Chosen from among the greatest warriors to fall in battle, the Einherjar feast in the halls of the slain and fight in preparation for the day when they shall be called forth to fight on Ragnarok. Lately the Einherjar have been returning to Midgard, men of great stature and power. Though their memories of their time in Valhalla are clouded by the transition to the world, they know they have been sent back for a purpose. That something is about to happen, and soon.

Game Rules

Einherjar are represented by Deva, Valkyries by something we haven’t determined yet.

Einherjar and Valkyr

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