De Dannan

Tuatha De Dannan


In ages passed Tuatha were one people and sailed from their doomed island until they came to Alfheim, bright and beautiful. Under their king Nuada, they drove the Formori from Alfheim and created a new homeland.

Queen Medb

Centuries later the De Dannan were ruled by Queen Medb, a great tyrant and powerful sorceress. Many objected to her rule and a several of the high council brought their grievances before her. She banished them and all their blood from Alfheim, where they were forced to scratch a barbarous existence from the uncivilized lands of Midgard.

The Civil War

Years after the exile, discontent again grew fermented by raiders from the exiled tribes. Medb ordered a vast army raised to burn the forests of Midgard. She appointed a young warlord named Oberon to the generalship. No sooner was the army out of sight than Oberon declared Medb unfit to rule and turned his army against the queen. A long and bloody civil war followed culminating in Titania, Medb’s daughter, siding with the rebels and driving her mother from the palace. Oberon and Titania became the new rulers of the Seelie Court.


Medb and her followers fled Alfheim into the caves and mountains. They discovered a vast underground realm where they established a new kingdom. The land of Svartalfheim was populated with goblins, trolls, monsters, even the remnants of the dread Formori. Most of these creatures swore allegiance to Medb and the Unseelie Court was born.

Game Terms

Those of the Tuatha De Dannan who were exiled to Midgard are Elves, those that live under Oberon and Titania are Eladrin, Medb’s loyalists are Drow.

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De Dannan

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